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We are the manufacturer of rubber torsion axle in east China.

Providing rubber torsion axles for trailers. landscaping, agricultural, recreational, and highway maintenance equipment. Fitness, healthcare, and playground equipment. Industrial equipment, material handling conveyors.


You won't rock or shock when you ride with our axles.With special shock absorbing rubber compound cords, the inner torsion shaft of each wheel is cushioned from the frame. Increase the load, and these special self-dampening cords compress under the added pressure. In addition, because these rods are self-dampening, the risk of oscillation is reduced. The result is a smooth, shock-free ride, regardless of the load.


A.     We use America technology to assemble and have 5 years assemble experience.

B.     For 5 years , we've served the needs of companies all over the globe.

C.    Our rubber cords have a unique chemical composition to insure long life and durability.

D.    We supply hubs, drums and brakes as required.

E.     Coated with baking paint or hot dip galvanized.

F.     1000lbs to 7000lbs capacity.

G.    Available in various degree options.

H.     Built to customer's requirements: we need informations about load capacity, axle beam, spindle, type of hubs and brakes etc.

I.         Quantity discount pricing.

GTS rubber torsion axle factory

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,China
(In the middle of Shanghai and Nanjing. So easy transportation)
contact person : Kerry 


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